Congratulations on taking the first step to become a teacher with VIPkid! This is such a rewarding career – and what’s better than working from home whenever you want?!

The hiring process isn’t hard, but there are a few steps to becoming a teacher.

I would love to help you get hired! If you have any questions, send me an email at and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days!




Step 1: Signing Up

Use THIS referral link, or the referral code: KATE00042 or 00AAZUH (both codes work).

Signing up using the referral link allows me to help you step-by-step through the hiring process.

If you have done the code correctly and submitted your basic info, you can check by clicking on “account information” in the top right and it will list Kate as your referrer.

When signing up, enter your email and create a secure password. I created an email address specifically for VIPkid so none of my personal emails would be intertwined with my business emails.


Step 2: Basic Information

Filling in your basic information should not take more than five minutes of your time, and can be done from your smartphone.

In this part, you list your degree(s), nationality, background, etc. To become a teacher with VIPkid, you must have a bachelors degree (teaching certificate is NOT necessary), and you must be eligible to work in Canada or the United States. If you don’t meet these two requirements, unfortunately you will not be hired.

The basic information stage is assessed by a robot, not a human. In order to pass (the robot is scanning for certain things), you must complete the following:

Teaching experience: in this spot, you will enter your number years of teaching experience. When it comes to this section, think outside the box: were you a nanny? Did you work at a local youth group? Were you a coach? Tutoring? Sunday school teacher? Think of every possible situation where you’ve taught someone something. There is an option for 1-3 years worth of teaching experience: you MUST select this option or greater in order to be passed through the robotic system. The more experience you have, the greater the chance of being able to skip part of the hiring process!

As soon as you hit submit, if you receive a pass, it should invite you to proceed to the next step in the hiring process. Please double check that you have listed me as your referrer if you would like help through the hiring process. If my name does not show up, please re-enter the referral code where it says “Add Referral Code” and type in “KATE00042”.

With me as your referrer, I grant you access to all my materials that I use for my regular classes. In order to receive these, you must enter my code.


Step 3: Interview

There are a few different types of interviews available to qualified prospective teachers.

– Live interview

– Express Interview

– Recorded Demo

Once you have made it passed the initial basic information, we will talk one-on-one about what interview style you are most comfortable with and proceed from there.


Step 4: Mock Classes

Once you have successfully passed your interview, you will move onto teaching your mock class(es). Some people do one, others do two. With the mock class, you will be teaching an actual class to a mock class mentor who will be pretending to be a five-year-old child who speaks very little English. It will get you prepared for your actual classes once you get hired.

Once you get to this step, we will once again have a one-on-one conversation via email or Facebook Messenger on what to expect, what to prepare, and how to pass with flying colours!


Step 5: Sign Your Contract

Once you’ve successfully passed the previous four steps, you will be offered a contract (each contract is six months long). You will have to submit a background check (no charge to you), and once that clears, you’re a VIPkid teacher!